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πŸš— Keep Your Ride Running Smoothly with Alumni Auto Repair! πŸ› οΈ

At Alumni Auto Repair, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in top-notch condition. Whether you're cruising down the highway or navigating city streets, regular maintenance is key to ensuring your ride stays safe and reliable.

πŸ”§ Expert Oil Changes:

Is your engine due for an oil change? Trust our skilled technicians to get the job done right. We use high-quality oils and filters to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

πŸ”„ Tire Rotation and Balancing:

Maximize the lifespan of your tires and improve your vehicle's performance with our tire rotation and balancing services. Properly balanced tires ensure even wear and a smoother ride, so you can hit the road with confidence.

πŸ” Comprehensive Diagnostics:

Is your check engine light on? Don't ignore it! Our advanced diagnostic tools allow us to pinpoint issues quickly and accurately. From engine troubles to electrical glitches, we'll diagnose the problem and get you back on the road in no time.

✨ Why Choose Alumni Auto Repair?

  • Experienced Technicians: Our team boasts years of experience and a passion for all things automotive.
  • Quality Service: We take pride in our work and strive for excellence with every service we provide.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We'll go above and beyond to ensure you're happy with the results.

πŸ“… Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Don't wait until it's too late! Keep your vehicle running smoothly with Alumni Auto Repair. Contact us today to schedule your oil change, tire rotation, or diagnostic service. Your car will thank you! πŸš—πŸ’¨


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Indigenous - Private Owned Business


Jerome Jackson
Owner / Operator

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