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About Frog Lake Outreach School

The Frog Lake Outreach School offers Alberta Education curriculum and programs to the students. The courses under the Alberta Education Programs of Study will be modified to accommodate the individual needs of each of the students outside of a traditional educational setting. One-to-one instruction, computer-assisted learning, and modules will be implemented to support student learning. It is important to recognize the holistic (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) needs of each student.

The school serves to reach students who do not feel comfortable in a regular school setting. Students will be expected to take responsibility for their education. Staff will consider previous educational experiences and work towards discovering barriers and ways to improve student self-regulation.

Frog Lake Outreach School will utilize Alberta Distance Learning Centre materials with individual modification to allow for independent study. Students will receive individual teaching and their work will be marked on site. The school provides opportunity to obtain an education in a small, personal, and friendly environment. Because relationship building is a key factor in the program, it is essential to create a non-confrontational and preventative approach.
Students will have an opportunity to do work experience either in the community or at the neighboring town of Bonnyville.

The Frog Lake Outreach School embraces each student’s needs and differences and formulates programs to increase their overall well-being. Through this, the school reaches out to more than just the students; it improves all the relationships within the family and community.

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